About Lothlorian

Lothlorian Knitwear has grown to be one of New Zealand's leading producers of luxury New Zealand made knitwear and accessories. From very humble beginnings back in 1991 in an implement shed on the farm of the company's founders. The business has continued to transform and now combines world leading knitting technologies and processes with specialised yarn to produce a range of luxurious knitwear.

All our Lothlorian yarn is spun here in New Zealand. Our spinners business was opened 1943 on the banks of the Hutt River near Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. Over the years the business has flourished with unlimited access to the cleanest, highest quality wool in the world, grown in the green and natural river plains and highland pastures, which are unique to New Zealand.

Lothlorian Knitwear Limited is based in Pukekohe approximately 40 kilometres south of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. All of the products in our range are produced on our own premises. We utilize the latest knitting technologies from around the world to create accessories and garments ensuring our knitwear is not only extremely good value but also of a consistently high quality.

We incorporate our desire to tread as lightly as possible on the planet into our production processes. We understand the need to continuously assess, review and improve our processes and have embraced the Toitū Enviromark Programme to assist us on this journey.

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Save our native forests

Every night the 30-35 million possums in New Zealand eat their way through 17,000 tonnes of native forest causing enormous ecological damage to plant and bird life. The Possum is a native of Australia but when released into the New Zealand native forests by man, an environment in which they have no natural predators, they have become a huge pest. Possums are even putting our national icon, the Kiwi, under threat.